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Tree TransplantingSpecialists

Instant Shade, Inc. in Homer Glen, IL is dedicated to preserving and beautifying our environment through exceptional tree transplanting services.

We remove, transport and transplant big young and mature trees with the utmost care, ensuring root preservation and replanting in a fertile environment that allows trees to thrive. After your tree has been transplanted, we will help you keep it strong and healthy as it settles into its new home. Every transplant is tailored to meet the needs and health of the tree.

Our Process

Large trees can lose a large portion of their root systems when they are moved. To avoid these problems, we handle the process with great patience and care.

Moving Big Trees

Before moving any tree, we assess its strength and overall health in its current location. Then, we analyze the strength of its root ball and roots to determine the best way to preserve them.

To ensure the best possible results, we use the appropriate size spade. We use our 90-inch truck-mounted tree spade to transplant a large tree from one location to another. For long-distance moves, tarps and/or other coverings are used to keep roots moist.

Prepping a New Site

Once a tree has been successfully removed and transported, we carefully prepare the new site. At the new location, we focus on the quality of the soil, the depth of the planting and the capacity for the tree to receive water and nutrients. Your transplanted large tree also benefits from post-transplant care to better ensuring the success of the transplant.

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