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Other Ways We Can Help

In addition to our superior large tree moving services, our experts at Instant Shade, Inc. in Homer Glen, IL can also help you redefine your landscape with creative designs, rejuvenate your grounds with fertilization programs and help maintain your already beautiful landscape. We also provide deep root feeding services to extend the life of your garden.


Our arborists can transform any mundane school or corporate campus, city park or ball field into a beautiful oasis. Our professionals work with you to create a design that is practical, stunning and accentuates the natural beauty of your property.

Let us show you what we’re dreaming up for your grounds through our virtual landscape design. Once the design blueprint is created, we move toward installation and, ultimately, completion.

Fertilization Programs

An effective fertilization program is as important to your lawn’s health and longevity as regular irrigation and mowing. Well-fertilized grounds look lush and gorgeous and keep your grounds healthy and strong.

Also, we use eco-friendly fertilizers to help maintain and strengthen your grounds. Our services include weed and insect control, tree and lawn maintenance and deep root feeding and watering for trees.

Commercial Grounds Maintenance

We keep landscapes looking lush, healthy and beautiful year-round. Our lawn care experts can nurture your damaged grounds back to health, creating lush, beautiful lawns that are in better shape to withstand insects, weeds and disease. Soil and turf analysis and root treatments also are available.

We can help you with a one-time touch up or create a longer-term program for sustainable health and beauty.

Deep Root Feeding

Deep root watering and feeding is critical to tree health. With this process, a spike is inserted into the tree’s root ball and fertilizer is pressure-pumped through the spike into the soil. Prior to the spike being inserted, our experts will test your soil first to determine with nutrients are needed.

Let our professionals assess your trees’ needs and fertilize accordingly for the time of year. Spring feeding is crucial for tip and leaf growth while summer feeding is good for wood production. Fall feeding is needed for root development.

Additional services:

  • Eco-recycling
  • Storm damage removal
  • Tree removal

Check Out Our Work

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